Introducing DubScript!

DubScript is an easy-to-use screenplay reader/writer for Android phones and tablets. It displays four script formats:

  • .fountain, .txt, or .spmd using "Fountain" screenplay markup rules
  • .fdx (Final Draft) movie screenplay-formatted scripts
  • .trelby files used by the free, open-source Trelby screenplay software
  • .html files exported by the free, open-source CeltX screenplay software

Reading is good. But DubScript is also a screenplay writing app featuring the Fountain markup method, which doesn't make you worry about margins and special formatting as you write.

Import Final Draft (.FDX) formatted screenplays, output to back .FDX or .HTML, or on KitKat or higher, print to PDF or a Cloud printer. Plus share your Fountain script with others via email, Google Drive, and more. It's so easy.

All kinds of exciting specifics are below...

b43: A BIG Update: Better Fountain, PDF, Cloud Printing, UI, and more!

beta 43: "Icing On The Cake"

• [New]: Print to PDF (KitKat/"L")
• [New]: Cloud Printing (KitKat/"L")
• [New]: Auto-CONT'Ds (in Settings)
• [New]: Lock view to full page (in Settings)
• [Improved]: Theme/UI
• [Improved]: Undo/Redo
• [Improved]: Titles/pagination/layout
• [Improved]: Fountain 1.1 compliance
• [Improved]: Faster restarts
• [Improved]: Searching
• [Removed]: Splash screen (no point, really)
• Built with latest tools


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